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Skills: How To Read Your Bible

This week we were looking at how and why we read our bibles. If you weren't there here's a super sweet summary:

The Bible is given to us by God so that we can know Him and His ways more. It's bunged with God's goodness and as we read it and put what we read into practice we are changed to be like Jesus.

Here's a quick introduction below on how to read the Bible: 

After our intro we began to literally put what we read into action by taking a story in the Bible and acting it out. This gave us an insight into the importance of the detail and context of what we read...

Then we went to different stations to find out more in-depth ways that we can use to get more of that juicy goodness out of our Bibles.

Meditation: Guide here.
Memorisation: Guide here.

Day 1: Luke 1: 1-25
Day 2: Luke 1: 26-38
Day 3: Luke 1: 39-45
Day 4: Luke 1: 46-56
Day 5: Luke 1: 57-66
Day 6: Luke 1: 67-80


How you read the bible, affects how you see everything else.

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